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I have done my apprenticeship for writing with two novels and several short stories. I am an Indie Author and Publisher of fiction novels, featuring action, drama and suspense, historical fiction, spiced with romance in the thriller-action genre. You can read more about the novels on the Novels and Short Stories page, and there are sample chapters to look at. I will be adding more stories over the weeks and months ahead so please revisit often.

I have read much and widely, and read a lot of ‘how to write’ books. But nothing can substitute for actual research, plotting and planning, writing, revising, reviewing, rewriting, reducing and careful editing experience. Developing one’s skills in the craft of writing and also the business of writing, which is the pathway I am now embarked upon. For me writing is often sheer hard work, requiring great discipline and consistent application. Just sitting down and putting words on paper, no matter how good or bad they may be. Many times I reach the ‘zone’ where words and thoughts just appear and my fingers do the work. That is the magic and mystery of writing. The beauty of it is how well our words and dialogues convey mood, images, thoughts, and sensory dimensions, to our readers. And transport them to other worlds of our making and their interpretation.

As a writer, I draw on the rich and varied people, places, cultures, histories, foods, humor, politics, conflicts and religions that I live within and engage with, in my professional work, for ideas and inspiration. The good, the bad and the ugly. The suffering and the hope.

The tenacity and desire to improve. The essence of life that binds us as humans. The daily battle with poverty and struggle to survive. The virtues and ties of family and society. The simple and extraordinary acts and events that happen each day to us. The resilience of people. The humorous and charming customs and practices that mark a national identity.  

My writing is atmospheric and sensory, to put you in the scene. I put a lot of effort into character development to make them plausible and not just card board cut outs. I use dialogue to advance the plot and to set up tension. My intention is to make a story which is a ‘great read’ and highly enjoyable. Please take a look and decide for yourself.

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