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Do you ever wonder about how your food is grown and how will it be grown in the future? By food I mean all plant, animal, marine and microbiological organisms that we cultivate or harvest from the wild. Processed and non-processed. Manufactured or fresh. Organic and conventional. Family farm or commercial agri-enterprises. 

I work in the world of food production and food marketing, and we grow a lot of our own food here in Samar Island, where we live. We are smallholder farmers, using sustainable farming systems. It is not just a philosophical intent: we have to grow our food to get a good and nutritious diet, as much of the food here apart from fish and rice is grown and harvested elsewhere. In many if not all countries, farmers are rapidly aging, with a distinct lack of young farmers to replace them. It is a real concern now and getting worse. I feel passionate about engaging and attracting young people back to agriculture and agri-business. Through value chain development projects I have worked with in several countries we have made some progress in this, but there is much to be done. 

So please read on and find out more about what I have done and how I may be able to help you with my background and expertise in agriculture and horticulture.

I have the following competencies and experience in agricultural development, market facilitation, extension and training:

  • Rural development expertise in Agriculture, WaSH, Nutrition, Climate Smart Agriculture, Value Chains sustainable development, Natural Resources Management, Resilience Capacity development
  • Smallholder Tropical Agriculture and Horticulture farming systems, markets linkages and post-harvest processing
  • Value Chain Development and Analysis of tropical crops for poverty reduction, market facilitation, economic growth and for sustainable project implementation
  • Agricultural Training and Extension Design, Delivery, Review & Assessment
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: design, performance planning, baseline studies, database design, evaluation methods, improvement and learning frameworks
  • Nutrition sensitive agriculture, projects implementation and design, with a strong focus on the food environment approach
  • Using GIS for project planning, monitoring, reporting, analysis
  • Agriculture related policy support and development to improve the enabling environment
  • Integrated Irrigation Management and Systems
  • Tropical crops expertise in coconut, cocoa, cashew, banana, papaya, rice, vegetables.
  • Plant production & propagation for tree crops, vegetables, cacao and coconut, including nurseries and clone/seed gardens, vegetables and rice propagation and nursery operations and technologies
  • Capacity Building skills including team leadership and developing teams.
  • Very strong cross-cultural and gender awareness experience in Asia and the Pacific.

I am a proven and versatile Cocoa (Cacao) Production and Farming Expert, with experience and exposure across Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Ecuador. For more detail see my Capability Statement and Cocoa and Coconut expert experience.

Please take a look at my CV to find out more about my services and background.


Capabilities Statement

Cocoa and Coconut Feb 2017