About Me

Nicholas (Nic) grew up as a young boy and into a teenager on Thursday Island in the Torres Straits of North Queensland, Australia in the sixties and seventies. The sea and the islands have always been a part of his life, filled with days of swimming, spear fishing, cycling, exploring old war-time forts, ship-wreck fossicking, digging up old settlements, all fuelled by an over-active imagination and curiosity. He joined the Royal Australian Navy for junior officer training, and left as a Sub-Lieutenant after five years of character building development, life on the ocean wave and amazing experiences.

Nic embarked on his professional agricultural science career and graduated in 1982 from Sydney University. Since then he has gained several degrees and certificates and worked in ten countries. It was in Papua New Guinea working as an Agronomist, when in 1986 that Nic married his wife Emily, who hails from Samar Province in Philippines. They have a lovely house, small farm lot and two wonderful children in Calbayog City and one in Australia.

He started his development aid career with DFAT Australia AID (AusAID) in Canberra Australia in 2002. In 2004 he started to work for an NGO in Vietnam on cocoa value chain and farming development. He shifted to the Philippines in 2006 from Vietnam with his family, and worked in international agricultural development assistance projects until the end of 2013. Since then he has worked in Fiji, Timor-Leste, Nepal and Vietnam as a consultant.

His work has taken him to, or allowed him to live in many truly memorable and fascinating locations and historical sites across the Asia Pacific Region.  He has dived on wrecks, crawled through hundreds of war-time tunnels, walked through caves, and explored old monuments and temples across Asia and the Pacific Islands. Nic has written and published two novels to date. Black Hearts, Gold Warriors is his second novel and it tells the tale of the hunter and the hunted across the exotic and dangerous landscapes of Mindanao and Vietnam, from the close of WW2 to the start of the new millennium. It is an action adventure spiced with historical fiction and romance, with wonderful and heady scents and sounds of life in the colourful and vibrant world of SE Asia. Nic’s first book called Gold of the Generals, is being revised and will be re-released in April 2017 and it is a wonderful story of the hunt for war loot and treasures in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.